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as of 9/27/03

I feel like our Airstream should have a name.  We are so new to this that I don't even know if people name their Airstreams.  I do know that if you belong to the Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBBCI) your trailer gets a club number.  We've submitted our paperwork the the International HQ and we are waiting to hear back from our local chapter (Watchung) for our number assignment.

Task Number 1:  I felt it was imperative to stop the rusting that was happening to all exposed metal; hitch area, stabilizer legs, exposed frame parts, and axles.  First, I removed the old hydraulic brake pump from the front hitch area.  I then got the grinder out and went to town.  Grinded the rust off all exposed metal.  I visited the hardware store for Aluminum Rustoleum paint and gave everything a fresh coat.  I used a spray can of undercarriage paint for the axle.  Things are looking better already.

Hitch area before...


Hitch area after...


Other early accomplishments include a complete appliance check, as follows: refrigerator works on both propane and plug in power, plumbing all works with no major leaks, furnace works (important as we may make some winter ski trips to the Adirondaks), stove and oven works, all interior lighting and 110 outlets work.  The only major thing that is not working is the 8-track player.  I'm working on sourceing a replacement unit.

I have four new shock absorbers on order from Inland RV.  Still need to get the brakes working on the street side.  I think (hope) it's a wiring issue.

With all systems go - we are now starting to turn our planning energies to the interior.  Katy is set on installing new curtains.  The swatches have arrived from an outfit in FL that will make them for us.  Now we need to come to agreeance on what material to use.  I say blue, she says green...but of course.

We are trying to decide how to make the interior nice for us.  We are debating two schools of thought; leave it the way it is and enjoy our relatively low cost Airstream or do it up.  I've been thinking about bolting a thin plywood vaneer finish, with a mahogany stain and polyeurothane, to every existing piece of plastic vaneer that is currently in there.

I will need to consult with my NYC stage hand brother in-law.  The guy with the mitre chop saw and monster table saw.  I'm looking forward to Rob's input on how to proceed with the wood work.

We have a center bath model with twin beds in the rear.  Perfect for our two kids, Sarah and Johnny.  This layout leaves little sleeping space for friends they may want to bring along on our weekend micro-adventures.  I want to convert the back room to accomodate bunk beds.  More for Rob to chew on.

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