June 2005

Dennis Township, NJ
Over the Winter our family took a vote on where to park our Airstream for the Summer of 2005.  If you've read about our previous exploits, you already know that we kept our baby in the Catskill Mountains (Rip Van Winkle Campground) for the Summer of 2004, with a brief two week stay down the shore at Jersey Shore Haven.

Well, after the votes were tallied it was three votes to one (mine) to move our Airstream back to the place we bought her from in 2003, Jersey Shore Haven Airstream Park.  Needless to say, I did not have to go kicking and screaming into the move.  I really like the place as well.  It came down to beach or mountains and the beach won,  My beloved Catskill Mountains will always be there for me.  Below are two photos of our nicely shaded site...

So far we have two weekends in under our belt and we're loving it.  First order of business was getting a screen room set up.  It's June and the bugs are pretty bad here in the woods.  The room I wanted priced out at $800.  For now we settled on a Target $80 special.  If we ever become members of the Park we will surely upgrade the screen room.  We've been told the membership waiting list is at about ten and we are somewhere around third on the list.

This may sound horrible but I was eyeing up the members health and taking notes at the last Happy Hour social ;-)  JOKE!  I swear.  The Park is a bit on the quiet side, but I'm guessing most Airstream parks are.  Big upside is that Jersey Shore Haven is only six miles to Sea Isle City beaches and a half hour from Atlantic City.  Not bad for the non-member rate of $1600 for the entire Summer!!!

6/19/06 - We did a walk through on an '83 rear bath 34 foot Limited today -- asking $15k.  The important thing is that Katy (wife) loved it.  Now, how to make it happen.  If you're reading this and you have any insight on an '83 Limited (rear bath), PLEASE send it my way at dave@dwmorrison.com.

...more later

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