Stabilizer jack is a Stanley original.

Hasn't been polished in a few years.  Looks amazing to me.

What an END CAP!  No signs that this trailer endured the infamous Bismarck hail storm.  The hood of Stanley Suburban tells the real story about that one.

Notice the use of indirect lighting on the left and right sides.  This was a Wally Byam innovation first used in the '50's.

The quality and craftsmanship of the cabinets really shine in this trailer.  I felt an influence of shaker design in the column of drawers aft of the sink.
Galley is all original except for the color TV of course.

The furnace hood cover is a Stanley innovation.  He explained how it helps the unit work more efficiently by forcing the hot air back down instead of letting it all escape out the chimney.

Removable table.  Designed so it could be carried and set up outside the trailer as well as inside.

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